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Attacking Back Pain
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I have hurt my back several times since the birth of my first child. But from these experiences, I designed a method of combining several techniques in a unique order to maximize their effectiveness. It really is like an “attack” on back pain. These steps are best performed before you go to sleep for the night.

  1. Take 2 Ibuprofen to minimize the swelling
  2. Take a hot shower, directing the water towards the area that is painful. This steams, heats, massages, and relaxes the muscles.
  3. Put a heating pad on the area and lie down for 20 minutes. Heat naturally relieves pain. Lying down takes pressure off your back. I like the kind that can be heated in the microwave as opposed to the electric kind you have to plug in.
  4. Have someone massage the area gently. It is more effective and relaxing if someone else does it but in an emergency you can try to massage yourself. This squeezes out the built up stress toxins and loosens the muscles.
  5. Go to sleep and get some rest.

If in the morning, the pain has not gone away (a bigger injury), then it needs more time to heal. Repeat the process above until the pain is gone. During this time, do not lift or move quickly in any direction – be careful or else you will injure it further.

Note: this can work for neck pain or any other strained muscles.


Stretching throughout the day is a good measure to prevent back pain.

This article by Mona Eid.