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Teaching the Shapes to Children

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Here are a few tips on teaching the shapes to a preschooler.

1. Teach them one by one, not all at once. So one shape every other week. Alternate between shapes and colors. So one week you focus on Circle, the next you focus on the color Yellow.

2. Art Project: Select a piece of construction paper that is the Color of the week. Draw the shape onto the paper and write its name under. Then draw the things that are of that shape, writing their names under. Decorate with the color of the week Glitter, tissue paper, shape stickers, etc. Hang on the refrigerator.

For example: Circle - Sun, Ball, Tomato, Balloon, Plate, Apple, etc.

3. Snack Time:
- Take a slice of cheese and using a mini shape cutter, cut out the Shape of the week. Then place on a plate and eat! You have to get creative to find the mini shape cutters.

For circle you can use the cover of a bottle. You can make your own cutters too with cereal box cardboard.

- Take a potato and with a knife cut it into the Shape of the week, then fry and eat! For circle, i cut slices like potato chips.

4. During the week, if you see something that is the shape or color of the week, point it out to your child or ask them what that shape/color is to re-inforce the lesson.

5. Montessori Idea 1: Put the shape(s) in a bag. Have them feel each shape and tell them that shape(s)' name. Then tell your child to close their eyes and put their hand in the bag and choose one shape. Then they have to guess what shape is in their hand, with their eyes still closed. This uses their sense of touch.

6. Montessori Idea 2: Cut out the shape(s) from sandpaper. Then have the child trace the shapes onto regular paper. Again, using the sense of touch to teach the shape because sandpaper is rough.

7. Practice drawing the shape in a notebook.

Above all, have fun!


Puzzles are a good way to test your child's knowledge, especially after they have been introduced to all the shapes and is a "do-able" puzzle.

This article by Mona Eid.