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Raising Children who are Grateful
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Some highlights of the Oprah show Friday April 8, 2005

Maria Schriver’s mom Eunice Kennedy-Schriver:

Put up pictures of handicapped people, disabled children, sick children. And discussed with her children how they could help these people when they got older. How when they grow up they can do something to help. She would explain to them that there are a lot of people who don’t have anything. How lucky they are and that they should be grateful.

Piggy Bank- every Thursday, instead of having a gourmet breakfast, you will have cereal and I will put the money I save in groceries in this piggy bank and then give this money to charity.

Never get excited about “things” – new dress, TV, etc. Get excited about ideas: like Special Olympics, Head Start etc. (these are orgs that her father started), think of new ideas to help others.

They brought on a mom who spoiled her daughter all her life with money and whatever she wanted. Oprah asked her- were you really happy after you bought all that stuff? The girl said no, not really. She was never satisfied, she always has to buy more. Eunice Kennedy told the girl that she should look for places to volunteer and give her money to charity. Oprah re-phrased it and said that material things give you a few minutes of happiness, but you will still be empty from the inside. But helping others and giving to others will give meaning and purpose to your life and leave you with a lasting happiness.

Taking Risks:

Maria Schriver:

Well behaved women never make history.

Women consumed with fear never take risks or try anything new. Go out and make a mistake. Have the guts to fail.


Mistakes are how you develop character

If you make a Mistake- your life is not over, it is altered

This article by Mona Eid.