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Our main mission in forming this group is to support each other in our ultimate goal – to obey and worship Allah seeking Jannah. This includes supporting and educating each other in our obligations as sisters, mothers, wives, and most of all as Muslims. The secondary mission is to support our children to become good Muslims. This includes keeping them in an Islamic environment as much as we can and guiding them to make good friends that will keep them in the right path.

In summary:

-         To strengthen our bonds of sisterhood

-         To support each other in our difficult and happy times

-         To educate ourselves in our various roles

-         To become better mothers

-         To become better Muslims

-         For our kids to get to know and play with other Muslim children

The monthly schedule goes like this:
Week 1: Kids Topic
Week 2: Book Club
Week 3: Islamic Topic
Week 4: Social - fieldtrip

Kids Topic: This area covers anything to do with Raising Children. Given by Mona or Dina or guest speaker.

Book Club: The assignment is that each week you read 1 chapter, except for the week of the Social which is meant to be a break from any work. In the Book Club meetings, each person will talk about a part or parts of the 3 assigned chapters that interested us the most, keeping in mind our previous book "Believing as Ourselves".

Islamic Topic: This area covers anything to do with Islam. It includes Qur’an Tafseer and Trivia Games. Given by Dina or Mona or guest speaker. (This is an effort to distribute some of the work load.)

Social: The Social week is a break from any work/prep for the meetings and a chance to just catch up with each other socially. It is usually a Fieldtrip somewhere, depending on the weather and what you all want. I will be arranging these.

Baby Activity: This is an activity for the kids to play. Hagar will choose one from the Gymboree Toddler Play book or her own books and prepare this for us. (I tried to add this to the meetings but i either forget to prepare it or i forget to do it in the meeting, so i have delegated this to Hagar again in an effort to distribute some of the work load.)

Qur'an Memorization: Each member is free to choose any Surah to memorize. We are just using the group to recite whatever we were able to memorize that week, since reciting to another person is an important part of Qur'an memorization, which we all agreed we want to continue to do in the Mother's Group. Although we have specified 5 ayahs, you are also free to do less or more than that depending on your free time that week. For an added motivation, whoever memorizes the most lines in 3 months will get a special prize.

Reminder Email: Monday mornings, check after 12pm. So any changes to the meeting time/ day / place need to be arranged before monday morning so the correct meeting info can be sent. Please try to keep thursdays clear.

Hosting: To be rotated between all members. 

Sick Policy: Based on the fact that a child is contagious in the first 3 days of their illness, if a child is less than 3 days sick, they should not attend the meeting. If the Host or Host's child is less than 3 days sick then the meeting place will be changed or most likely cancelled. If the Host's child is more than 3 days sick, then they need to try to clean the toys or select a few clean toys for the other kids to play with. This is to protect the other kids from getting sick. Although your own child can't get sick again from his own toys, other children can get sick from playing with them. When we say sick, we mean a lot of sneezing and/or coughing, which is the way sickness gets spread especially in a closed and small environment.  

Snacks: Please limit the food to just one or two items that are finger foods, the healthier the better. We saw in Ramadan that the meetings go more smoothly and quickly without the eating part. Also, it is too much work for the Host. I also thought it would be a nice idea that if you make something yourself that you email the recipe to the group if possible.

Handouts & other papers: Each member in the group will get a folder to put the schedule, handouts, and recipes that we get in the meetings.