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Nursery Rhymes in Arabic

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Having grown up mostly in America, i didn't know many arabic children's songs, but i sure did know almost every single american nursery rhyme. So i decided to translate some of the children's songs i knew into Arabic. I try to sing to my children in Arabic as much as i can so that they will be strong in it before they learn English. Keep in mind though that this is Lebanese Arabic, not classical arabic (which i am not very familiar with).


Twikle Twinkle little star in Arabic
Twinkle Twinkle Ya Nijmi (wave her hands right and left)
Keef Ha A3rif Shoo Inti (wave her hands up and down)
Fa' bil sama 3al 3alee (holds hands up)
3am bit dhawee zay al-almaz (wave her hands while held up high)
Twinkly Twinkle Ya Nijmi (wave hands right and left but back down to the regular level)
Keef Ha A3rif Shoo Inti (wave her hands up and down)


Patty Cake in Arabic:
Patty Cake Patty Cake ya Khubbaz (clap hands together)
I3mill-ee Cake BiSur3aa (clap hands together)
I3jin-ha (roll left hand around right hand)
Wifrid-ha (do a swimming motion)
Wa hut 3layha Seen* wa Alif* la Sumayyah** wa Ibrahim** (draw the letter in the air and then tickle your child)
(*insert the first letter of your child's name)
(**insert your child's name)


Itsy Bitsy Spider in Arabic
Al Itsy Bitsy Ankabut tuli3 3alal 3amood (make a spider with the fingers of your two hands and rotate them while moving up)
Nizlit al Shitee oo wa'a3oo (wiggle your fingers from up to down to simulate rain)
Tul3it al Shamas wa nashaf kul al mai (move your hands back up and make a circle like the sun)
Wal Itsy Bitsy Ankabut tuli3 marra tanya (make a spider with your fingers and then tickle your child by walking the spider on them)

This article by Mona Eid.