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The Imam's Daughter

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I am, I am, I am... (from least recent to most recent)
- a Muslimah
- Lebanese (born there)
- American (raised here)
- Daughter of an Imam
- Oldest sister to 4 other sisters and 2 brothers
- Former President of the Masjid Youth Group
- Winner of 2nd place in the MA state Science Fair held at MIT 
- Graduate of a Public Elementary School, Middle School, and High School
- Wife of a great husband- Jordanian Computer Engineer now with an MBA
- Graduate of Boston College, BA Computer Science, Class of 2000
- Working woman- Software Programmer in a Software company until the birth of my first child
- Mother to Sumayyah born 10/01
- Leader of a Mother's Group
- Mother to Ibrahim born 12/03
- Teacher of Arabic and Quran at the Masjid Sunday School (2004 only)
- Homeschooling my kids