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My husband and I went for Hajj alhamdulillah 3 years ago in 2003. I was 24 years old, the youngest person in the group. And i left little Sumayyah with my parents - she was only 15 months old. When i wrote it, i had in my mind that i would put it up on the internet so it is already subconsiously edited. But other than that, i will type it for you AS IS inshaAllah. The purpose is to help others who are thinking of going for Hajj or who are going this year or in the future to know what it is like and will be better prepared physically and mentally.
Join me on this journey, as I re-live my Hajj experience. It will be in 4 installments every wednesday starting today 11/9/05.

!!Pictures from my Hajj Trip!!

  • Introduction: the who, what, why, how, when, and where of my Hajj trip.
  • Part 1: trip to Madinah
  • Part 2: Masjid al-Nabawi & trip to Makkah
  • Part 3: Umrah & Masjid al-Haram
  • Part 4: Arafat, Hajj Tawaf, & Mena 
  • Part 5: Rami, Mena, Final Tawaf, trip back to Boston 
  • Hajj Epilogue: What happened after we got back