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Tips on International Travel with Kids

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Travelling with children can seem daunting but it doesn't have to be as difficult as it sounds. With the right planning, a positive attitude, and low expectations it can actually become a fun experience.
Before You Go:

        Make a checklist of everything you need to take with you a few weeks before when you are calm and thinking straight. Also make a TO-DO list.

        When you call the airline 48 hours before the flight, request the BULKHEAD seats and child’s meal (for toddler)

        Try to travel off-season so there will be empty seats. If not, either get bulkhead seats or buy a seat for the baby. Or else it will be a more difficult trip than it already is.

        Try to travel at night in baby’s bedtime.

        Mark luggage with colored tape or ribbon

What To Take:

        Decide how much of baby’s STUFF you are going to take with you: Car seat, stroller, portable highchair, portable crib, toys. But I would say, just take an umbrella stroller and then suffer a little when you come back to get them used to their old routine again. It’s really hard to carry a lot of things with you in the airport.

        If the baby drinks whole milk, take Parmalat milk boxes – it doesn’t need refrigeration.

        Non-slip bathtub cushion for baby’s bath

        Take one package of diapers and wipes and when you run out buy from there

        Baby proofing kit: masking tape and washcloths

        Non-slip socks or booties because the floors there are always tile

        Medicine for you and baby and mosquito repellent

The Airplane:

        Buy several new small toys: books, mini magna doodle, stacking cups, keys, teethers.

        Pack their favorite snacks and drinks

        Take a blanket to give them a familiar surface to sleep on

        Check-in the car seat and stroller at the gate

        Tire the baby out before boarding the plane

        After you get on the plane, change the baby into their pajamas

        One of the bathrooms will have a diaper changing facility- ask which one.

        Breastfeed, give bottle, pacifier, or lollipop to baby during take-off and landing

        Milk is available on the plane

        When baby is awake and wants to get out of the seat, walk them down the aisles

        Sleep as much as possible in the plane. Then when you arrive don’t sleep until the appropriate time in new time zone.

        Take lots of baby wipes for cleanup

After You Arrive:

        Give the baby down time, don’t rush into social situations or restaurants

        Keep up your routines as much as possible

        Give the baby frequent breaks from new people throughout the day

        Give 3-4 days to adjust to the new bedtime: go to bed a little earlier each day and wake up a little earlier each day


A child harness can be very useful in the airport. For infants, a baby carrier would be helpful after getting off the plane when you don't have your stroller. Edit Text

This article by Mona Eid.