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The Imam's Daughter

Mother's Prayer Manual
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Mother's Prayer Manual
Table of Contents
The Problem of Spirituality in the Motherhood Stage

Chapter 1: Committing to the Quantity
*Motivating yourself to commit to Prayer through reminders of the rewards and benefits of Prayer.
 D) Importance of Prayer
      - motivational stories about prayer from the Qur'an and Sunnah
 E) Rewards of Prayer
      - Ayah and Hadith summary print-out sheet

Chapter 2: A Fresh Start
How to begin again after a low time.
Prayer Training.

Chapter 3: Praying on Time
Tips on how to pray each prayer on time.
And, how to ignore the Shaytan.

Chapter 4: Improving the Quality
Tips on increasing your concentration in Prayer to ensure you are getting all the rewards and benefits.

Chapter 5: Praying with Children
How to tune out distractions.
How to get your children to pray with you.

Chapter 6: Praying outside the Home
How to pray when you are outside your home.
Arranging your day around the prayers.

Chapter 7: The Problem of the Period
Getting back into the Prayer routine after your period or postpartum bleeding.

Conclusion: Recognizing the symptoms and getting back up more quickly next time.

by Mona Eid, your feedback is needed and appreciated