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This page has reviews for books, movies, and music that i recommend.


Believing As Ourselves
by J. Lynn Jones

I loved this book! MashaAllah it is very well written and so funny. Although i didn't relate to some of the situations she went through, i did learn a lot. Her advice on increasing you Iman, improving your Salat, and becoming a REAL person - not just a machine that does everything for everyone but nothing for herself - is something all Muslims can benefit from. The main idea she is trying to explain is that you cannot have a close relationship to God if there is nothing of you for Him to know. We all fall into this trap of just busying ourselves from one thing to the next, doing our minimum salat, and not putting time into improving ourselves -Jihad of the Self. If we are empty inside, then how can we have a good relationship to Allah? She has many practical suggestions on these issues. A Must Read for All!


The Jar: A Tale from the East
Fine Media Group

This cartoon comes in Arabic and English and is very fun for children and adults too. It is very funny. My kids and I loved it. Very good animation and songs.
Summary: Another award-winning animation from the production houses of the Middle East! This charming movie with lovable characters and stunning animation is based on a true Hadith of the Prophet (pbuh). Set in an Eastern village, the story of the jar begins when a poor yet virtuous family unearths a lost treasure buried in a jar under their new home. They attempt to return the jar to its rightful owner but are hindered by a jealous and greedy neighbor who has his eye on the jar. A fascinating adventure ensues as the townsfolk try to solve the mystery of the jar.


Sami Yusuf

Very nice Islamic song and nice video too. My 3 yr old daughter keep asking me to play it over and over!